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Awesome Features
WE <strong> LOVE </strong> SOUPS!


We are a company made of people who are passionate about the World and about soups. What can we say, we love soups! All kinds of soups from all countries. We believe that every country has a unique soup that is special to that country. It is typically the staple of homes all over the World. Whether it serves as a starter or as a meal, as a comfort food or as a cure for the common cold, soup is no doubt everyone’s favorite. If you are searching for creative breakfast ideas, choose our soups.

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All of our complete soup kits comes in ready to serve disposable bowl. Bowls are 32 ounces and comes with a pouch of broth, pouch of noodles, sriracha packet and utensil pack. Just cut pouches, put the broth and noodles in bowl, and heat in microwave or pour contents in a pot and heat over stove. It is that simple and can be prepared by anyone. "Just reheat and eat".

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<strong>OUR</strong> SOUPS