'employees' Motivation to Achieve High Performance Depends on More That a High Salary and Good Work Conditions. Discuss.' Reinforce Your Answer with Reference to Theory and Practice.

Published: 2021-09-03 15:35:12
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Humans are constantly involved in different activities to help them satisfy their unlimited wants and needs. We come across the word 'business or 'businessman' on daily bases, directly or indirectly. Business has become an important part of modern world. One of the main factors in business that increase high performance by the employees is motivation. Every business/company needs to know how to motivate their employees in the right and ethical way. Many people may think that high salary and good work conditions is all an employee needs - they are wrong.

Business is an organization that is involved in the trade of goods or services to satisfy consumers needs and wants. If a business is owned by more than one person it may be called a company - however that term also has a more precise meaning. Financial resources, capital or tangible resources and human resources are three main resources that total the business' value or worth. Also are many resources that are required by a business to function properly such as land, labour and capital.

When hearing 'land' in a business term it is meant the buildings where the business is based or farm, factory, this is where all the work is done. For example if it is a clothes company/business it may have a building for the offices and a factory where the clothes are made. It is imposable to start up a business without any land.

There are two definitions for the word 'capital' in business. First is the marketing term which is used to describe the value of the business. The second is the accounting term meaning the money invested in the business. The business capital is based on three different sources investment made by the owner or owners, investments made by people outside the business and the sales of shares made by the business. It is also very important source that is needed to start up a business. Because the starting capital needs to be invested by the owner. The starting capital can be used for land or employing labour.

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