"events Shape People More Than People Shape Events." How Accurate Is This Statement in Relation to Bismarck?

Published: 2021-09-12 13:25:11
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Events shape people, but people also shape events depending on the different circumstances they are faced with. Bismarck played an enormous role in national history and in the unification of Germany. The events Bismarck faced did shape his actions and decisions, but Bismarck's actions also helped in shaping events. A cycle may be seen, where events influenced Bismarck's actions, and those actions influenced events.

Bismarck's greatest influence was on the unification of Germany, and Bismarck did shape the events which took place for the unification of Germany to occur. In 1861 when Wilhelm I became the King of Prussia, he was determined to bring Prussia into a position of undisputed German leadership. Wilhelm began to strengthen the country's military power. To help him in this desire for Prussian dominance he called for the help of Bismarck. He believed in the divine right of the royals to rule and, was fiercely opposed to liberalism, socialism and democracy, which made the King which extremely found of Bismarck. In 1862 the Prussian king appointed Bismarck the Prime Minister-President. By appointing Bismarck this role, Wilhelm did help in shaping the events which were yet to follow.

Bismarck built the Prussian military immediately after being appointed the role of Prime Minister using methods such as conscription and establishing a military college to develop skilled officer elite, as it was an area of great importance to him. He wished to establish Prussian dominance over the German states using diplomacy and developing an aggressive foreign policy. Bismarck established fully negotiated alliances with some neighbours while isolating and moving Prussian military might against others. He gave his famous "Blood and Iron" speech which shows his authoritative rule "Prussia must gather up her strength and hold it in readiness for the opportune moment which has already slipped by several times... not by speeches and majority votes are the great questions of the day decided... but by iron and blood." Bismarck had literally been given ultimate control over the parliament by the king.

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