"everyday Life" Film Reflection Essay

Published: 2021-09-14 14:30:09
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Film Reflection EssayLife in a Day, a unique documentary directed by Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott, consists of a montage of highly personal videos that people from all around the world have shot themselves. The film depicts what it was like to be alive on earth on one particular day, namely June 24th of 2010. Coming from 192 countries, there was a collection of 80,000 YouTube videos available, in which a select few of these were chosen and lightly edited to contribute to the 94 minute long documentary. Life in a day has adopted certain organizing principles that characterise the nature of the everyday, such as the collection of food, waking up in the morning, travelling to work, etc. The beginning of the film portrays an important underlying message that sets the scene for the rest of the documentary. The director had very cleverly chosen to start off with various images of the full moon that had occurred on July 24, but shot in different countries. The sole purpose of this was to express to viewers that we are all under the same moon, and, more specifically, we are all unified. At the end of the day, whatever we may think differs us, from where we are situated in the world to our culture, it is true that we are different but in essence we are all the same. Sociological imagination refers to the intense imagination that coincides the link between individual experiences and the wider community. It is impossible to comprehend a person’s life or a society’s history unless both are understood. Ultimately, ‘sociological imagination is about detaching oneself from the banal routines that are a part of our everyday lives and furthermore, realising that those everyday activities are really social structures that we take for granted.’ (Wright 1959). This is a concept that is depicted continuously throughout the film.

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