"grandmother" Case

Published: 2021-09-11 10:25:10
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Written by an Amerindian poet Ray Young Bear, the poem shows the intimacy of the port to his grandmother. His grandmother is no more living now. He feels it a great loss. The poem is fully loaded with similies and metaphors that makes the poem sound beautiful. The poet describes his grandmother. He tells that his grandmother had a unique shape. She often wore a purple scarf and a plastic shopping bag on her hand. She had warm damp hands with the smell of roots. Her sound was quite remarkable. His grandmother's words have special effect oh him.

11. A Child is born
Germaine Greer
This essay is about the difference between eastern and western societies in matters of pregnancy, child birth, marriage and child rearing. Due to taboos and rituals of various kinds, child birth seems easier and less painful in the traditional societies. But in the west, the labouring women have nobody to provide solace except modern machines and doctors. In matters of marriage, traditional society women go to their husbands and in-laws homes. These societies largely cobate childbirth. A woman formall becomes home member after. She delivers a child. Their surnames too, change according to their husbands. Greer praises child rearing in the East. A child moves lap to lap among the family members and the kins flocks. However, this trend is opposed in the western modern societies. Similarly, a pregnant mother is rewarded in the traditional society. She goes to her mother's home before and after the delivery of the child for better care. But these things doesn't happen in the west.

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