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Published: 2021-09-11 13:20:10
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To: rockerstarfan9

Potions Homework

Habbo Name: BlueSmurf93.
iC Name: Glace Frost.
House: Slytherin.
Year: Year 6. (S6).


1) What is the name of the Potion we have brewed today? The name of the potion we have brewed today is called The Babbling Beverage.

2) What does this potion do? This potion makes the user (person consuming potion) to babble nonsense or unable to speak. So it's like you talking "gibberish".

3) Name 3 steps in making this potion.
1. First put 500 ml of water in the cauldron and heat it up.
2. Add in alihosty leaves and let them stew for 20 minutes, then remove remainders with something but your hands (such as the tip of your wand).
3. Add 2 drops of leach juice stirring 20 times counter clockwise.

4) Make a 5 line rp (minimum) of you using this potion.
-I would be cornered by some Gryffindor boys, them taking out the babbling beverage and forcing it down my throat-
-I would drink it, now talking about random nonsense with the Gryffindor boys leaving and laughing-

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