"house of Mr. Biswas" as a Diasporic Novel

Published: 2021-09-01 08:55:09
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Examine a "House of Mr. Biswas" as a diasporic novel.
Ans. : V. S. Naipaul is an Indo-Trinidadian-British writer who is known for his novels focusing on the legacy of the British Empire's colonialism. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2001. He has also written works of non-fiction, such as travel writing and essays. "A House for Mr Biswas" is a 1961 novel by Naipaul and significant as his first work to achieve acclaim worldwide. It is the story of Mohun Biswas, an Indo-Trinidadian who continually strives for success and mostly fails, who marries into the Tulsi family only to find himself dominated by it, and who finally sets the goal of owning his own house. Drawing some elements from the life of Naipaul's father, the work is primarily a sharply-drawn look at life that uses postcolonial perspectives to view a vanished colonial world. It is necessarily a diasporic writing.
The diasporic writings which are also known as 'expatriate writings' or 'immigrant writings' give voice to the traumatic experiences of the writers owing to the clash of two cultures or the racial discrimination they undergo. Immigration proves a pleasant experience only to a few immigrants who succeed in assimilating themselves with the new geographical, cultural, social and psychological environment. To most of the diasporic writers, immigration is not a delectable experience. They often find themselves sandwiched between two cultures. The feeling of nostalgia, a sense of loss and anxiety to reinvent home obsess them, which finds an expression, consciously or unconsciously in their writings.The relationship between entrapment and freedom remains an open question.

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