"jerry, Molly and Sam" Theme Esasy

Published: 2021-09-11 10:30:06
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Writer, Raymond Carver, in his short essay, "Jerry and Molly and Sam," introduces us to Al. Al, is a thirty-one year old man who exhibits a demeanor of finding everyone around him at fault for his dissatisfaction in life. Writer uses first and third person narrative in a chronological plot structure to help his readers understand his character and story theme.
The short story plot ensued in a chronological form. Al's story goes from exposition, to complication, to the reversal as the final part of the essay. This format is used in the story helps us understand Al's background story, problems and issues. At the very beginning of the short story we are able to determine what Al's problem was "As Al saw it there was only one solution. He had to get rid of the dog." These two sentences help his readers determine that Al strongly dislikes his dog and make us wonder why? As the story develops we learn that Al has a life full of worries. His employer is laying off people, he is cheating on his wife, and he is getting old and feels he is life is spawning out of control. The writer goes onto describing Al's though process and only way gain control of his life. "He had to start someplace- setting things in order. And he intended to start tonight." Al is seen as trying to make sense of it all and come to some sort of resolution to change his down spiral life for the better. In Al's mind, taken the dog out of the picture was the obvious place to start. In the story Al has channeled all his unhappiness and inability to cope with his own problems on the dog and he thinks that getting rid of the dog would somehow bring some relieve to his many problems.

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