"modernism in Spain Is a Literary Response to a Social Crisis". Discuss.

Published: 2021-09-14 14:35:09
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The origins of Modernism in Spanish literature, or Modernismo, are traced back to Latin America. The writers of Latin America wanted to renovate their own literature. From the 1880's onwards Modernism began rearing its head amongst other literary movements. Modernism was first started by young people who refused to conform to society. They chose to rebel from the typical ways of life and yearned to make some form of escape. These young artists, writers etc., rejected Realism which was the most prominent literary movement of the time. Before the appearance of Modernism, Realism was present for 30 years and produced many forms of art.
The Modernists used their hatred of establishment as their drive. They wrote about alternative worlds, how they would like to live their lives. The term "exoticism" is widely used in relation to Modernism because of their writings on exotic worlds or get-aways. They are challenging their reality because they are not satisfied with it. They wanted to bring about a change to their society.
It was in the 1890's that the term "Modernistas" first began being used. Initially it was seen as a negative term and insulted the new generation of writers. The actual term "Modernismo" was first used in 1888 by Ruben Dario in his essay "La Literature en Centro America".# Ruben Dario is widely known as "The father of Modernism". It was two years later that Dario called Modernism a movement in is article "Fotograbado".#
However it was not just writers who formed this Modernist movement. It was overall a movement of the arts and this movement took place in art, architecture, music and interior design. Modernism was a whole new attitude on reality.

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