'of Mice and Men' Sadness and Suffering in a Disinterested World

Published: 2021-09-01 14:40:14
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"Of Mice And Men" convey the idea of careless choices people make which can escalate to their sadness and suffering. The text is more than a misfortune of Lennie's death, it also deals with the misery of individuals in a world where no one really cares about anyone else. The death of the characters' dreams and ambition proves the suffering they have to bear. Sadness are established throughout the break down of the communities as shown in the ranch. The disinterested world the characters live in confronts them to the reality of being abandon by their close ones.

Most of the characters in "Of Mice And Men" admit to their desire of having the American dream. We later discover Curley's wife confession of becoming famous. Her ambition was instantly taken from her grasp when she allows herself to be unwillingly married. Candy's urged to clasp on George and Lennie's vision of owning their own land, and Crooks' longing for a companion testify the impossibility of the American dream. Their dream of freedom made them blind of their own suffering because they are too afraid to realise the reality of their fate. The hope of their ambition offer them protection from the disinterested world they live in. The journey which each of the main characters takes awakens them from the hopelessness of their dream. This proves that their hope is "...just in their head."

"Of Mice And Men" display sadness through the loneliness of many characters. The Great Depression brought on the break down of family and friends. Each characters become selfish because of their hunger to make their ambition happen. The people who works "...on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world...they don't belong no place." The workmen doesn't have anyone to look for companionship or security because they are only being attentive to themselves and therefore ends up having no one to rely on.

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