"reason" by Isaac Asimov

Published: 2021-09-14 08:10:09
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The theme is about humanity through the debate dialogue among the humans and robot in regards to the existence of the originality of creation.

In the story, the Robot Cutie questioned who was the creator of the existence including itself and the human beings. Cutie was determined to challenge the truth. It attempted to reason logically and emotionless. It challenged the status of the human being, believing that the "Master" was the one who created the robot. Cutie decided that itself was actually created by a supreme being which was the Master, rather than the humans. Cutie obligated to loyal the "Master". Cutie thought that the humans were inferior as it valued itself as the prophet of the "Master'.

"The Master created humans first as the lowest type, most easily formed. Gradually, he replaced them by robots, the next higher step, and finally he created me, to take the place of the last humans. From now on, I serve the Master"< span> (165-166).

In the story, it came to the points that all other robots at the solar station obeyed Cutie as their prophet.

"The robots, dwarfed by the mighty L tube, lined up before it, heads bowed at a stiff angle, while Cutie walked up and down the line slowly. Fifteen seconds passed, and then, with a clank heard above the clamorous purring all about, they fell to their knees." "There is no Master but the Master, and QT One is his prophet" (167).

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