"relationship Selling-The Key to Getting and Keeping Customers" by Jim Cathcart

Published: 2021-09-01 09:50:10
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This book, written by Jim Cathcart extends in eight parts and presents basic elements of selling at its finest. The author calls this approach "relationship selling" and explores every aspect of it.
In the first part the differences between traditional selling and relationship selling are made clear. The most important one and where it all begins, is the thought that buyer and seller are on the same side, creating a relationship. Seller does not care only about making a sale, but ensuring also that the buyer makes the best choice for his/her own benefit.
In the next part is described how to read customers and adapt to the way they want to be treated without the use of any manipulation.
Part three helps the salesman achieve a flow of prospect customers using effective tools that are easy for anyone to use.
The following part analyzes how to find the buyer's needs and address them, making sure that the sale will seem truly the best option for him/her.
Part five helps the salesperson in the presentation phase of the sale, giving tips and tools to make sure that the presentation is efficient and accurate at the highest possible level.
Continuing to part six we see how to confirm a sale according to the buyer's signals and when is the best time to proceed asking for the order.
The next part focuses on caring for the buyer after the sale, ensuring his/her satisfaction and the final part explains how important it is to manage your own time effectively and your sales career as the bigger picture.

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