"relationship Selling-The Key to Getting and Keeping Customers" by Jim Cathcart

Published: 2021-09-03 10:45:17
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I have just ordered Relationship Selling by Jim Cathcart and the ABCs of Relationship Selling by Charles Futrell from Amazon.

On my main Business Coaching blog, you will have seen that I talk about the importance of being a customer focused entrepreneur and finding the hidden profit and benefits that develops from creating a strong relationship with customers.

While relationships can be turned around, it makes most sense, to start the relationship in the way you want to continue and that means using relationship selling techniques.

I thought Mitch Axelrod and the New Game of Selling was terrific when I reviewed it recently. A fresh approach which makes a great deal of sense as it focuses on helping the buyer to buy.

Why Relationship Selling Is So Important In 2009

In today's uncertain times, customer relationships will matter more and more.

Some companies will turn to trying to manipulate and hard sales techniques in a desperate attempt to win the deals that will keep their businesses solvent.

Unfortunately I can't see that any part of the economy won't be affected so more prospective buyers are going to be uncertain and worried that they are buying more problems and not the solutions that they hope.

So what do you think will happen when a pushy salesperson, clearly acting from their own self interest is frantically using all the traditional tactics of persuasion in a bid to close the deal?

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