"western" Film, Released in 1966

Published: 2021-09-13 14:15:07
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It is a "Western" film, released in 1966, which is directed by Sergio Leone and set during the American Civil War. It is a basic western story of greed and what people are willing to do to get the money. The film contains three main characters. Blondie, (Clint Eastwood) is shown as a bounty hunter who captures the criminals but sets them free before the criminal is executed and splits the reward with them. Tuco, (Eli Wallach) is shown as a comical character as well as a very dangerous outlaw who is wanted by the authority for numerous crimes. Angel Eyes, (Lee Van Cliff) is the villain. He shows no mercy to his victim and ruthlessly murders anyone for his own profit. The three main characters are selfish man who do not hesitate to trick or even kill someone for their own good. The story focuses on human greed and deceit; it shows the length men will go for material ownership, concluding in crime. Obviously the film shows the usual action sequence that the audience will expect from a classic western film, such as; the fight scene between Blondie and Tuco, in a hotel or the final scene between the three men at the graveyard. Other elements in the film are as similar as any western film. The characters dress-up like the standard cowboys of that era. Their faces are tanned and their clothes look dirty. Ennio Morricone's music is another important part of the film; it can be heard numerous times, mainly during the introductory credits or during any exciting scene. The close-up shots are used during intense moments which include; action scenes. Long shots and panning shots are used to show the scenes in the desert. My final analysis is that; the civil war backdrop helps to add new twists to the story, for example; Tuco and Blondie disguise themselves as Confederate soldiers, to recover the treasure. The end goal of the protagonists is given away, at the beginning of the film, when Angel Eye interrogates and kills Steven, to acquire information about Bill Carson. The rest of the events and twists shown in the film are obstructions, these three character face before reaching their final objective.

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