10 Art Works That Have Changed Society

Published: 2021-09-13 01:25:06
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Artworks that have changed the world...

What 10 artworks have had the most significant impact on world art and/or culture today? Explain in detail how these artworks impact lives today.

1. The Iliad by Homer

The Iliad is literally the first written work we have and is considered the most important piece of literature to ever be written. This book was considered to be like the Bible to the Greeks; it was what they lived by. (Growing up in Greek society, the Iliad was a requirement to learn!) It contains the history of the Greeks, including the battle of Troy, and culture. The book emphasises Greek culture, such as heroic virtues: refrain from excess cruelty, bravery, service, honor and loyalty. The Iliad is considered extremely accurate; one could trace their family's history/descendants from it. Homer has the ability to tell the story in such a way that makes the reader feel as if he or she were actually there in that point and time of history. Homer also depicts both sides (the Greeks and the Trojans) equally; it is hard to believe one is the enemy. Lastly, after the Iliad was composed, we see a significant change in artwork; artist were so moved by Homer's story that they began to make their work more realistic.

2. Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" (translation: "Sweet Music of the Night)

Not only is this the most reproduced piece of music ever created (and used on numerous children's toys), but it also can drastically improve your IQ (specifically, short term improvement in spatial-temporal reasoning). Studies of the Mozart Effect have taken place internationally and all demonstrate a positive correlation between listening to "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" and math scores (up to 15% improvement). In fact, the state of Georgia spends a budget amount of five million dollars to send every new born home with a CD of Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik". It is currently unknown how the Mozart Effect produces said results, but the United States continues to fund millions of dollars worth on research every year to come closer to finding an answer.

3. Beethoven's 9th Symphony

Not only is this piece widely famous today, but it the first piece ever composed celebrating the coming together of humankind. This piece has also made a profound impact on society and is reason to believe why Sony/Philips CDs hold only 75 minutes worth of music; Beethoven's 9th had to fit on a single disc. Lastly, Beethoven's 9th, is the first major example of a composer using human voice and instruments on the same level in a symphony.

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