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Published: 2021-09-14 08:25:10
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Project xxxx Charter


Group Name:
Group Members:

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
High Level Purpose or Justification 3
Project Scope 3
Project Requirements (A) 4
Key Stakeholders (A) 4
Project Budget/Cost (Jason) 4
Project Timeline (Jason) 4
Potential Risks (Jason) 4
Key Deliverables and High Level Milestones (Sherry) 4
Constraints and Dependencies (Sherry) 5
High Level Critical Success Factors (Preethi) 5
Acceptance Criteria (Preethi) 6
Approvals 6

Project Name:
Project Sponsor:
Project Manager:
Date Prepared:

Project Charter Document

Airline industries demand exemplary safety as a service to customers. This partnership between [our company] and [client] strives to deliver this value-add by mitigating issues of Airplane tire malfunction, thereby decreasing problem instances and increasing safety. The facet of interest for this project is the composition of the tread material and support structure of the tire to optimize durability during taxi/takeoff/landing in conjunction with sustainability goals.

High Level Purpose or Justification
Describe the purpose of this project at a high level.
Current Revolutionary Reinforced Radial tires have provided marginal increases in safety by including technologies such as replacing a traditional Nylon Core with High Modulus Cord Technology. However, there is need for a more torque resistant structure to maintain the rigidity during taxi (lateral torque) and during take-off/landing (longitudinal torque). Based on in-house research, this project is an exploration of increasing the reinforcement ply within the rubber ply of the tire to increase rigidity during the above instances.

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