1930's Women Fashion

Published: 2021-09-13 16:30:10
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Period 1 1930's Women Fashion

Sophistication. Glamour. Dramatic. These few words are some of possible words to express the extraordinary clothing that was incorporated during the 1930's. Most usually we relate the 1930's to the Great Depression, rather to fashion. However, women began to get rid of the wild and daring clothing of the flapper style of the 1920's, and endured a more sophisticated look. It is true that endorsements and female movie stars began to have an impact on women style of clothing. In addition, accessories started to become a sign of elegance to women and enriching their look. The 1930's was a leading fashion movement for women.
The 1920's were the "swing time" for women. Females began to wear more wild, daring and unique clothing for the night scene. By the 1930's, women began to settle down and go for a more sophisticated, elegant look. "That is, women began to wear sleek and lengthier gowns, due to dropping hemlines. The most popular dress was the hemline stopping above the ankle. Gowns began to give more skin, with draping along the back giving an opening to the back. Gown tops consisted of a long halter neck with a corset attach the bottom, to help give a more sleek appearance."(1930s Women's Fashion) "Another way women's clothing began to show more elegance was the colors. The Great Depression did have a hold on women's colors by having them tend to wear more of black and grays, giving sense of sadness; symbolic for the rough times they were going through. On contract, darker colors also were more classy and dramatic looking. Lace frocks were a design or pattern on a gown to give a more delicacy to the gown." (30's Fashion) These new aspects gave the women's gown a more classic and elegant look.

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