2 Portraits of Determination

Published: 2021-09-14 08:45:08
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The film "The Pursuit of Happyness" by Gabriele Muccine is about the tenacity of a 32 year-old man finding success in life. On his first days of business, Chris's investment in medical machines appeared to be fallacious as no one wanted to buy his strange and pricely gadgets. Having no job, lost in his white-elephant plan, things gotten worse when Chris's wife silently went to New York, sending him and his 5 years old son out on the street due to the rental charges. But eventhough facing obstacles seeming insurmountable, Chris's hope was never fated away. He then found an internship opening as a stock broker and decided to participate even with his lack of stock broker education, money, and decent clothes. At times, when Chris and his son had to sleep in a subway station bathroom and eat junk foods, Chris still put his best on selling medical machines, which later on became the leverage to Chris's successful internship work. Finally, he got the job and succeeded at getting his own department and get his son going to school.

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