2010 Haiti Earthquake

Published: 2021-09-12 14:30:12
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2010 Haiti Earthquake

In January of 2010, devastation struck the small country of Haiti. A recorded 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti hard and left its toll as the most powerful earthquake in 200 years. The earthquake caused massive damage to the buildings, left many people dead and injured, and there were many things Haiti did to help prevent such damage in the future.
Haiti is a small country that is located on a peninsula with the Dominican Republic. To the people of Haiti, the day of January 12, 2010 was just a normal day just like every other. Nobody was prepared for the tragic events that would leave a huge impact on everybody's lives. At about 4:53 pm, a recorded 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti. This earthquake was about 6.2 miles in depth and the heart was about 10 miles south of the capital, Port au Prince.
The aftermath of the earthquake was fatal. This awful earthquake left over 316,000 people dead and 1.5 million people were found homeless due to the collapsing of buildings. Also, buildings were caught on fire and burned down along with people. 26 rescue teams from all different countries were sent to Haiti to rescue those who were still alive. 4 dozen aftershocks also struck Haiti, which caused even more buildings to collapse, trapping and killing more people. 97% of schools were destroyed along with 180 government buildings. 1 in 10 homes in Port au Prince were also destroyed. This tragic earthquake left 200 million cubic yards of debris that needed to be cleared up. This earthquake took a massive emotional toll on all the people of Haiti and people who had family and friends in Haiti.

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