2052 Olympics- Something like Never Before

Published: 2021-09-13 03:15:10
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"Access granted. Welcome to the 2052 Olympic Games' Activity Centre."

I removed my thumb from the finger pad as the resplendent door gradually parted, revealing
the exorbitant interior of the centre where athletes polished their skills. I thought about the
crystal clear Olympic stadium, complete with state-of-the-art equipment such as tennis courts
hovering above the ground , holographic pools and tracks, and of course, this activity centre,
complete with services catering to the athletes' needs. Being here was truly a dream come
true, and I could hardly believe it myself. Of course, along the way people dropped brusque
comments about my achievements, that I cheated, took steroids, the list went on. However,
my family and friends believed in me, and that was sufficient. I wasn't about to disappoint

I immediately spotted my arch-rival, Chloe Letterman, shooting me a hostile look. We were
competing against each other in the Synchronized diving event and I could only comprehend
her hostility as envy. After all, she was the 'Athlete Of The Year', that is, until I took her title
away from her recently and she was no longer the athlete everyone looked up to and aspired
to become.

I shot her an equally vicious glare and felt a soft push against my knees. My self-automated
computerized armchair, complete with a holographic television floated over and apologized
for its lack of efficiency to materialize. "Forgiven," I replied. All around me, athletes were
busy practicing for the Games, from the sprinter Jake Fuller sprinting on the holographic
track to the gymnast Vivica Zhang working out on the crystallized gymnastic equipment .

When I reverted my attention back to Chloe, she had already gone, probably to train at the
actual pool. Practice made perfect, I guess. I pushed worries about strategizing for the Games
out of my mind and accessed the Musichip wired in my brain. I strolled through my playlist
and finally found my favorite song, shut my eyes and let my thoughts drift away......

' Beep, beep, BEEP.' I turned off my music in exasperation. I was really irked now.
"Show," I hissed, and instantly my holographic inbox came into view. I strolled through

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