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1.IntroductionThe movie ‘Intern’ tells the story between Jules and Ben. Jules is a passionate self-employed woman who runs an online shopping website, which makes her a typical leader, therefore, I choose three leadership characteristics from her. 2. 3 Leadership characteristics from the movie 2.1 A good leader should be a hands-on person and be aware of what is happening in the company. Jules builds her leadership by commitment and it relies on the behavior of leader.  She tries to make herself a role model for employees. From the movie, Jules serves customers through the hotline by herself and shows how to wrap the packages and fold the clothes in the factory.  She is basically the last person who leave the office and tries her best to get involved in every project of the company. Her involvedness leads to the rapid growth of the company and establishes a positive working environment for her coworkers effectively. A good leader should participate in the business and activities actively and influence employees through his/her behavior.A good leader should keep a good balance between work and life.As I mentioned before, Jules inspires her employees with her perseverance and diligence. Even though she has extraordinary performance in working, her overwork makes her fail to keep a balanced life. For instance, she forgets to keep her promise with her daughter and doesn’t spent enough time with her husband who is found having an affair. A good leader is not only responsible for the employees but also should deal with his/her relationship with families well. Jules lacks of time spending with her husband and daughter. When she finds her husband’s affair, her frustrating emotion affects her behavior in the company, which a qualified leader should avoid. A good leader should have a strong emotion control ability and be capable to make reasonable trade-off between work and personal life.2.3 A good leader should be open-minded and willing to accept new ideas and ways to solve problems. A good leader isn’t a person who put all his/her energy in work and solve all the problems by his or herself, but should make full use of every talents in the team and consider others’ opinions. Jules listened to the suggestion from her team that to start a senior intern program as well as to find an experienced professional CEO to take over the company. Even though she decided to manage the company by herself eventually, she realizes that learning from the experienced people would be an effective way to cope with the difficulties of her life. A good leader should be open-minded and ask team for help actively when the problem is beyond his/her ability.

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