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Published: 2021-09-13 23:25:09
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THE THIEFCast: Satan, Child, Man, MotherSatan:        Maybe you know me, and maybe you don’t.  My name is Satan.  It used to be Lucifer,         but that was a long time ago.        You don’t believe in me do you!?        Well let me show you some of my work.        (Walks over to Child)        Meet Nikki!.  Her father was an alcoholic, and used to beat her mother, and her from         pillar to post; and so I fed her one of my lies.  I said, “They don’t love you, nobody         loves you, everybody hates you, even God.  After all He put you in this family.  What         are you going to do with all this pain Nikki?  I know, have a drink, it will help you to         forget. And so I gave her a drink, and then another, and another, and another.  And         now look at her, a drunken alcoholic, just like her father.        (Walks to Man)        And just look at Bob.  I told him a beauty.  It’s an oldie but it’s a goodie.  I said,                 “Money is what you need if you want to be happy!”  And he believed me!        He chased after money, worked hard to get to the top, it didn’t matter who he hurt, or         what he did, as long as he got more and more money.  His wife wanted him, his childrenneeded him, but he put them off, so he could make more money.        So his wife left him; and then his children went; and all he had left was his money.          Lots of lovely         money!        What a fool!        (Walks to Lady)        And here is Susie!        A faithful little housewife,  but I told her, life is not as much fun now that you’re         married!  You need more excitement  Your husband is too busy; all he cares about is work.  He doesn’t appreciate you.  Why don’t you dress yourself up, put on your make up and go out and have some fun?        Yes, play the field, have a party!  Become a good time girl.  And so she did!        But she didn’t know I’d let her husband find out, and her children found out, and they all left her; and after all her friends finished with her, they left her.  Now she feels dirty, and used; and nobody wants her.        Poor Susie - ha!        And I know you, and you;  I know you all! And I know your weaknesses, and I know your dark secrets,        And I will be seeing you around!HANDSCast:  God, Adam, Eve, NarratorIn the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,The mountains and the valleys,The seas, and the fish that swim in them.The trees, and the birds of the air.And God created Man, and Woman.And God gave us hands…, that we might create…,Hands to love…,to give…,Hands to help…, and defend.God gave us hands, but we have used these hands to destroy!

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