A Child of My Own

Published: 2021-08-31 15:15:17
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The two sets of characters that I will choose is Buki and the mother of Neta. Buki in the story is a young lesbian where she and her mom are very close but not her dad. As the story goes Buki wanted to have a child of her own, but if she wanted this to happen, she need to have an affair with her opposite sex but this would not happen, because she is a lesbian. In search for an answer to her problem she tried the artificial insemination where she would only get semen injected on through her by a donation by a random male so that she could be pregnant to have a baby. As she told this to her mother, she did not like it at first but as Buki explained her the reasons she wanted to this, her mother decided to support her on what she wants. Towards the end of the story her mother and her dad got along in a talk where for the first time in their marriage they did not fight. As her mother told her dad about this she thought the dad would be angry but the dad was not and was happy to know that Buki was pregnant through artificial insemination. In this case I think the definition of motherhood is that even if you are lesbian and you don't like the opposite sex you can still have a daughter or son. Though it is not a common practice the real definition of motherhood is a mother wanting a baby and even though there is no father figure a mother can always love her baby the same as any mother would with or without a father.

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