A Comparative Analysis of Manual System Vs Information System in Human Resource Department of Selected Industrial Units from Marathwada Region

Published: 2021-09-13 18:55:09
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A Comparative Analysis of Manual System Vs Information System in Human Resource Department of Selected Industrial Units from Marathwada Region

Miss Sarika P Patil and Dr. Narendra V Deshmukh

In today's corporate world, human resource management has to play a very critical role in an Industry. Human Resource (HR) refers to employees that can be motivated, retained, recruit, trained, and pressed into action for assigned tasks of managing and developing forest Human Resource. HR Management (HRM) refers to managing employee(s), and all the HR function related to them, which resultantly can contribute to their success. The Human Resource department of any organization now enjoys a very central role in not only formulating company policies, but also in streamlining the business process. To make a human resource department more effective and efficient new technologies are now being introduced on a regular basis so make things much simpler and more modernized. One of the latest human resource technologies is the introduction of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Human Resource Information System (HRIS) refers to databases and software that can be used for better management of different HR functions.

This study is targeted towards evaluate the effectiveness of the Human Resource Information system in HR department of selected organization. The project is undertaken to evaluate comparative analysis of manual system vs. information system in human resource department. The present study is carried the out in the Human Resource Department from the industrial area of Marathwada region of Maharashtra of some selecting industries which are using Information technology and comparing it with the manual system work presently in the HR Department.

What tempted me to motivated to choose this topic, is the various problems faced by the different organizations in carrying out the different functions of HR department, as to do the functions manually is a very tedious and time consuming process. Also the chances of error with manual system are very high, which reduces the effectiveness of the work as well as the efficiency of the personnel.

 Function(S) of HRM
The basic reason of Human Resource Department is to work hand in hand with the employer as well as the employee. It has to manage within the minimum cost of the benefits and requirements of the employees. As there are certain needs of humans, which are unpredictable, so an HR department must be active enough to participate in the changes. The functions of HR department are as follows.

The HRM Department determines employee's needs and also try to keeps employees happy, hardworking and motivated. It also leads to a stable workforce. This saves the organization's money.
The HRM Department must plan how to perform best by using the following functions to support the organization's goals.

1. Payroll Management
2. Manpower Planning
3. Recruitment and selection of new employees
4. Training of new employees to meet current needs

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