A Critical Evaluation of Employee Performance Management System (pms) at State Trading Organization Plc.

Published: 2021-09-02 02:35:13
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FINAL PROJECT RESEARCH PROJECT-UNIT 08A CRITICAL EVALUATION OF EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PMS) AT STATE TRADING ORGANIZATION PLC.Name: ID:Assessor: Matthew StreetDate of submission: Word count: 4390 wordsTable of ContentsAbstract        5CHAPTER ONE        51.0 Introduction        51.1 Background        51.2 Research problem        52.0 Focus of the study        62.1 Purpose of the research        62.2 Research question        62.3 Significance of the research        7CHAPTER THREE        73.0 Literature review        73.1 Introduction to performance management system(PMS)        83.2 Purpose of performance management systems        83.3 Benefits of managing employee performance        9CHAPTER FOUR        94.0 Research Methodology        94.1 Research design        94.2 Methodology        94.3 Target population        10        104.5 Data collection        104.6 Primary data collection        104.6.1 Questionnaire        104.6.2 Interview        104.7 Secondary data collection        104.7.1 PM records        11CHAPTER FIVE        115.0 Data analysis        11CHAPTER SIX        116.0 Limitations of the research project        11CHAPTER SEVEN        117.0 Ethical consideration        11CHAPTER EIGHT        128.0 Results and findings        12CHAPTER NINE        169.0 Discussion, conclusion, and recommendation        169.1 Introduction        169.2 Employee performance        169.3 Findings from interview and PM reports        179.4 Answering research questions        179.5 Reliability        18

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