A Devilish Tale

Published: 2021-09-13 08:00:09
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A Devilish Tale

Some friends and I recently attended the Museum of Latin American Art here in Long Beach for a tequila tasting event. MOLAA alone is a beautiful modern structure, a simple, slightly scattered pile of geometric shapes; concrete, steel, pink, blue. Upon entry, and throughout the museum, we were greeted with beautiful music; an older couple dressed in all white serenaded us in the foyer, a DJ spun laidback Latin grooves in the main hall, and an outside stage produced young dancers and an all-female mariachi band that was more than I thought a mariachi band could be. And, of course, there were the tequila booths all about, and we ambled from one to another all night.
On the way back through (somehow I hadn't seen it on the way in), after imbibing some very good tequilas, all of which did nothing to change my distaste for it, we came across the booth for Kah. The booth was adorned with a painted skull, some three feet wide in diameter, an oversized replica of one of their bottles. My friends mutually agreed that the tequila itself was not that great, but I had a singular thought as I fixed my eyes on its container: Paul must have this bottle. And with that I began in earnest to obtain it.
I started with the obvious question in asking, "How much is the one with the devil?"
Turns out they were not selling any at this event. In fact, Kah, a brand in its infancy, was not for sale anywhere.

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