A Feminist Approach to Severino Montano’s Sabina

Published: 2021-09-12 16:25:12
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IV-12 BSE ENGLISH                                        PROF. MA. CONCEPCION Y. RAYMUNDOS ENG 26 – LIT. CRIT.A Feminist Approach to Severino Montano’s Sabina        Outside love, all is death (p. 98). This is one of those heartfelt lines that Sabina assumed before she chose to end her misery. Many readers, or even critics, would say that her decision is a form of cowardice. She decided to end her depression by escaping and leaving everything behind; thus, letting her emotions cloud her logical judgment. Nonetheless, if deeply examined, one has to consider the strength of Sabina in facing her struggles and difficulties alone, her patience to wait regardless of the uncertainties, and even her determination to pursue love. This reflects the principles of feminism which are concerned with the silencing and marginalization of women in a patriarchal culture - a culture organized in the favor of men (Guerin et al., 2005). The narrative depicts the unnerving reality that life is constructed or shattered through experiences, and therefore one must choose whether to survive or not. However, Severino Montano’s Sabina portrays women’s implicit vigor and undaunted loyalty despite spiteful perceptions and unfavorable circumstances which can be analyzed using Feminist Approach.

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