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Published: 2021-09-14 09:10:10
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A health expert say currently, many people and pregnant women may lose calcium in their bones if they are not ingesting sufficient amounts of dairy products and multivitamin supplements. They don't think calcium is needed for maintaining the essential bulk level of bone to support the structures of the body. Children and teens also need have enough calcium because they are still in period of growth. This essay would discuss about what the benefits of keeping a healthy amount of calcium and vitamin D in the diet particularly from the point of view mature age.

Experts have advised that pregnant women should take a test for vitamin D deficiency. According to Peterson (2011), pregnant women have low levels of vitamin D. That low levels are strongly related to gestational diabetes mellitus after a new study has been found. Moreover, one of the researchers said debilitated bones in children already connected to lack of vitamin D. Some doctors added vitamin D deficiency has an unchangeable impact on mass of bone and the low percentages of vitamin D in women with gestational diabetes mellitus is not satisfactory and recognises lack of vitamin D as an argument of public health importance.

Lack of calcium is a concern for people these days, particularly with middle aged and older woman. According to Kelly Andrews (2011), calcium is important for keeping the essential level of bone mass as a foundation of the body. If a patient's diet does not have enough calcium, the body will get any calcium from the bones, which make them more fragile. Calcium deficiency considerably raises the risk of osteoporosis, which older women have a high risk to get it. There are some process of maintaining strong bones, such as, getting enough calcium, collecting calcium in the bones, eating foods that contain maximum of calcium, and anticipating losses of calcium.

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