A Personalised Induction

Published: 2021-09-13 19:15:09
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This paper will discuss methods and techniques used to personalise screeds to suit clients that we are working with.
How we decide which modality to use on our clients, how important an initial consultation can be and my argument for using personalised screeds.
I will discuss the factors involved in creating personalised screeds, and the benefits of creating a personalised screed for clients. Using different modalities and whether a script should be authoritative or permissive.
I personally favour personalised screeds but will also highlight areas when these could actually hinder a hypnotic session.
The more personalised hypnotherapy is, the more effective it will be, as whilst all humans appear quite similar, we are different in many ways. We have different likes and dislike; come from different cultural backgrounds; and will have been brought up in environments that have provided us with different outlooks, values and perspectives.
If the best possible results are to be obtained there is a need to work closely with individuals in order to identify their likes and dislikes as well as their personality. In this way we can gain their trust and assist them in reaching a deep state of hypnosis.
When we communicate with people we do not only use words but body language and tone also play a large part in what is actually being communicated. Some people will use words that will assist you in determining which modality would suit them best.
For example somebody who would say "looks good to me" shows signs that Visual is a language that suits them best.
Eye movements are also a good way to determine someone's modality.
Below I will list out the modalities and how you can ascertain which modality would best suit a client, or if indeed a compounded screed would be better.


There are five areas of modality but the three main areas are, feeling, visual and auditory.
The other two being Olfactory (smell) and Gustatory (taste).[1] handout

This modality covers our feelings and someone whose preferred language is kinaesthetic would say things like
"I know how you feel"
" I am warming to him"
People who lean to this modality will be those that touch and feel things, before they purchase them.
Eye movements associated with this modality will be down and to the right.
Tonality with this modality is usually soft and a deeper tone.
A kinaesthetic posture is rounded shoulders and gestures are mid to lower body.

As its title says, this is a visual language where clients may says things like
" Looks good to me"
" I see no reason this wouldn't work"

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