A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective

Published: 2021-09-13 19:20:10
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A Personalized Induction will always be more effective.

I personally think that a personalized Induction will always be more effective because the
practitioner will have more in-depth insight into the client's particular needs as an individual, as
in fact we all programmed on different levels - different courses for different horses, as in fact we
are all.. The practitioner, due to his/her more detailed personal information about the client, will
also give the client more confidence and self worth and so hopefully enable the client to be more
receptive to the practitioner's suggestions. There has to be trust between a client and the
practitioner. T his is the preliminary requirement before any suitable course of treatment can be
commenced . People without any experience of an induction may be fearful, or uncomfortable.
I should imagine there is a feeling of losing control, of being vulnerable - perhaps the fear of
saying something which they have never disclosed to anyone for fear of being judged by family,
friends, etc.
The practitioner has to convey the positive effects of the hypnotic induction, and that it is
compliance with the hypnotist's motives, distorted by a quest for personal aggrandizement. The
practitioner has to show confidence about hypnotic treatment or he will not be able to project
a positive attitude, or be able to function with true conviction Carl Rogers believed that by
making sure three of the core conditions are present when counselling , then helpful change will
take place, regardless of any other conditions being met - he believed nothing else is necessary.
These are empathy (seeing their world), u.p.r. (non-judgemental), and congruence (genuiness
from the client's point of view). Effective hypnotists will;-
1. Encounter each client as a unique individual whose problems should not be quickly categorized.
2. Have the ability to identify problem areas, assess there severity, and determine the type and scope of induction that is to be used for treatment.
3. Be perceptive of the client's emotional needs.
4. Maintain an objective view of the hypnotic experience.
5. Keep personal problems or aspirations from distorting the treatment.
6. Accept and deal with emotional displays that arise during treatment. .
The practitioners appearance is important, it can influence how another person feels. I t is safer to
dress neat but casual, so the client will feel more at ease and comfortable in your company. The first

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