A Whole New World - Candyland

Published: 2021-08-31 20:35:09
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Brandon Chin #4
October 29, 2014
Language Arts

A Whole New World - Candyland

I woke up in a very mysterious place. My vision was very blurry. When my vision finally got back I saw neon pink skies. I sat up against a gigantic candy tree growing huge dots (candy). I was wondering what I was doing in this place. I scanned the area and all I saw was candy everywhere I looked. There was a very slim narrow road made of enormous star bursts. I wondered if this was real life. I could not help myself but to kneel down and take a big bite out of the road. It was so sweet but delicious. I made my way down the pathway, and I saw bundles of bushes made of candy. One bush had succulent, sugary gummy bears which was my favorite candy. I ran to the bush and picked as much as I could fit in my pockets and hands. I popped some some of the scrumptious candy in my mouth and ate them. They were the fruitiest, tastiest gummy bears I have ever had. After I got back on the road and kept walking. It was like I was walking in candy heaven. It was even better than Halloween. I kept walking until I stumbled upon a bridge made out of frozen ice cream. It was chocolate flavor my least favorite. There was sunkist soda at the bottom of the bridge. I went to the bottom of the bridge to get a sip because I was thirsty from all of the traveling I did. I bent down and took big gulps at a time. It was super caffeinated and freezing cold. It quenched my thirst as the orange soda went slowly down my throat. It was like taking a sip into heaven. Then I walked back up to the trail. My legs were so tired I thought they were going to fall off. I looked to my right and I saw that the grass was made of minted candy and the trees were growing big fluffy pink cotton candy. I looked out in the distance and I saw mountains of ice cream and at the top there were giant snow caps (the candy). Also, there were many short oval shaped trees which were lollipops. The lollipop was telling me to come and eat it. So, I slowly walked to one of them and took a big lick. It was mango flavored. It was very fruity and tarty taste. It was like taking a lick into heaven. Later I was strolling off the rainbow path and I heard a soft gurgling sound. I ran to it thinking it was a person but it turned out to be a chocolate waterfall. It was filled with melted milk chocolate. I felt like I was in Willy wonka and the chocolate factory. The waterfall was about 100 feet above me. It was a beautiful sight to site. I took a small sip of the warm sweet chocolate. It was the most amazing chocolate I have ever tasted. I looked around and I saw a huge banana boat. I took the gigantic banana boat and pushed it into the chocolate and I jumped in. The boat was very unstable like I could fall off every second. It had a tiny chair that I could barely fit

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