A World Lit only by Fire

Published: 2021-08-31 21:50:09
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A World Lit only By Fire
Summer Reading Assignment

Section 1: The Medieval Mind

1. The Huns country was known as the back of a horse.
2. Sigmund declared he was above grammar
3. The Visigoths invaded Rome in A.D. 410 under the leadership of Alaric.
4. Romulus Augustus was the last Roman emperor of west.
5. The serfs' basic agricultural tools were picks, forks, spades, rakes, scythes, and balanced sickles.
6. Outlaws flourished in the Hercynian Forest because they were seldom pursued.
7. Constantinople replaced Rome as the imperial fixer of European frontiers.
8. Nicene Creed was the Creed that Constantine set up for his theology.
9. De civitate Dei was the first great work to shape and define the medieval mind.
10. Canossa symbolized Secular submission.
11. The designation of saints emerged the second and third centuries after Christ.

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