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AbstractThe major contribution of this study is to fully operationalise service quality as a six‐dimensional construct in the context of maritime transport/shipping, and findings on the ranking of dimensions/factors involved in the model. Although this is the first model of service quality in maritime transport with specific quality factors, its generic dimensions could be generalised to other service sectors as well. The research also has great managerial implications as managers across maritime transport companies can use the tool to develop questionnaire for customer satisfaction survey, thus facilitating a universal benchmarking approach across the industry. (Thai, 2008) A.) Motivation of the study The purpose of this paper is to extend knowledge on service quality in shipping materials and how it is defined and thus, managed, in the context of maritime transport/shipping by proposing and testing a new conceptual model of service quality.(Thai, 2008) B.) Methodology used This study used a sample of 197 shipping companies, port operators and freight forwarders/logistics service providers, with the use of both mail survey and in‐depth interview techniques in obtaining info about the schedule of operations, processes in doing the transport/shipping operation, and number of workers . With a total of 120 usable questionnaires were returned and 25 interviews wereconducted. Data were analysed using the SPSS 13.0 software and thematic analysis technique.

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