Acl Injury

Published: 2021-09-14 11:15:10
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Acl injuryAfter the surgery has been successfully done, the athlete will go on to rehabilitation.

Therapy should begin the day of surgery, if the patient desires full range of motion to return

(Johnson, P.139) the athlete should only be doing closed-kinetic chain-type exercises. The

patient should elevate and use ice on the knee for the first few days. The athlete will be several

given strengthening exercise to help the knee. By weeks 6-9 the athlete will be swimming, biking

and other full range of motion exercises. By weeks 12+ the hope is the athlete will have full

range of motion and will continue to work on maintaining this. Theses exercises are built up to

over the weeks. The athletes' should be able to participate in light sports activities beyond 14

weeks. It is advised that an athlete, who has had this type of surgery, should wear a protective,

supportive brace for a year post (Johnson, C2004).

This athlete received an ACL injury while playing high school basketball. After the coach

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