Advertisement Analysis - Dior Addict Lipstick

Published: 2021-09-14 12:40:08
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Women use make-up all of the time, they use it to look good and to lookprofessional which gives them more confidence. Lipstick is one of the most used products of a woman. As said in a research, 81% of women in the US use lipstick in a daily basis. Nowadays, there is a large competition in the market of makeup and lipsticks.Dior Addict lipstick is targeted to women between 18-30 years old who follows fashion movements like women in business settings and aspiring models. Basically, Dior Addict lipstick is targeted to them because women at their age want to have their own style, their own identity and their own statement.

A lot of brands implement different messages and benefits about their products through their print ads. The print ad of Dior Addict Lipstick carries out a message of confidence, poise and distinctiveness to the users of the lipstick. As said in its tag line, "be iconic!" This implements uniqueness to whoever will use the lipstick. Dior Addict lipstick's concept is all about being iconic, meaning to represent oneself in a unique manner that will give a high impact to others. This message was executed in the print advertisement of Dior lipstick using a classical style of art which depicts the lipstick's concept using one message, one image and one style. Dior Addict Lipstick is a simple lipstick that is easy to use and gives a high fashion look to women, using classical style of advertisement is really complimentary to these features and nature of the lipstick. The advertisement of Dior addict lipstick is easy to understand but at the same time it is highly motivating and persuading.

The concept of the print advertisement of Dior addict lipstick is consistent with the brand name because the brand Dior is about being high fashioned and classy while the Dior addict lipstick gives a high fashion look to women.

Endorsement advertising execution style was used in the advertisement promotional mix element. The print advertisement itself looked high fashion for they used Kate Moss who is known for being a high fashion model. She's the muse of Dior addict lipstick because she is the source of inspiration for the brand and because of her rock-chic elegance and the modernity of her look. And also, she is befitting to the brand of Dior.

The text of the advertisement is "Dior Addict Lipstick" and "be iconic". The Word Addict is used to illustrate the dependence to a drug, the image or pleasure, attractive and original. The text of the Advertisement concentrated to the target market because the phrase "be iconic" is a direct message to the target market. It is also used to motivate and to persuade the target market to buy the lipstick for the ad depicts that if a person buys the lipstick then she can be iconic and be high-fashion as what the ad is illustrating.

The photography symbolizes the model as an enthusiast or addict to the lipstick. The model shows the addicting sensation of the lipstick towars her and making her look like she desire for more. Thus making a statement and making her high fashioned.

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