Agricultural Diversification Toward High-Value Agricultural Production

Published: 2021-09-14 13:50:08
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vxcvxcvxcvcxvxcvcxvcxvcxvcxvcxvcxvcxvcxvxbsdobfdsbfpdsbfpudsbfoudsbfopudsbfodsbfsdbfodsbofbsduof the poor remain in rural areas and rural poverty will continue to be more prevalent than urban poverty in the next several decades (Ravallion, Chen, and Sangraula 2007).
Agricultural diversification toward high-value agricultural production is a demand-driven process in which the private sectors play vital roles (Gulati, Joshi, and Cummings 2007). Higher incomes, urbanization, and changing preferences are raising domestic consumer demand for high-value products in developing countries. The composition of food budgets is shifting from consumption of grains and other staple crops to vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy, and fish. The demand for ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat foods is also rising, particularly in urban areas. Consumers in Asia, especially in the cities, are also being exposed to non-traditional foods. Due to diet globalization, the consumption of wheat and wheat-based products, temperate-zone vegetables, and dairy products in Asia has increased (Pingali 2006).

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