Agriculture Case

Published: 2021-09-14 20:20:08
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The industrialization of agriculture refers to the advancements and preference to use technology in order to develop the way crop production and farming is done. There are many consequences linked to the industrialization of agriculture including social implications, economic implications, and environmental implications. The industrialization of agriculture is a major concern in the 21st century, due to the various negative implications associated with it.
The advancements technology has made to develop crop and the way farming is done has made many negative social implications. When people do not have time or the money to purchase healthy food, they are forced to buy the cheap and unhealthy food. " Now that I know the food is unhealthy, I feel guilty giving it to my kids. But when you don't have time to cook or the money to spend, its either we go to the supermarket and find something cheap or just go straight through a drive-thru. That is what will fill them up not that one single item at the market." (Gonzalez, Food Inc.). This shows that our society is affected because some people do not have the money to afford a healthy meal therefore choose to eat the cheap and unhealthy food. The more unhealthy our society becomes the more consequences they will have to face in the future. " We are willing to subsidize the food system to create the mystique of cheap food, when actually it is very expensive food when you add up all the societal and health cost." (Salatin, Food Inc.). This shows that all though the food may seem cheap, in the end, it will cost a lot more considering all the health issues linked to the fast food. Lastly, the industrialization of agriculture induces social implications and to stop this we must inform consumers of the after effects.

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