Air Asia Swot Analysis

Published: 2021-09-07 01:45:17
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[pic 1]                   Student Name:KERAI ROSHNI NARANCHOOI YAN YINGStudent ID: J17023402J17023176Diploma Title: Hotel ManagementModule: Fundamentals in MarketingModule code:MKT 1102Seminar Tutor: Ms. Eti Farah Binti ZainudinAssignment title:AIR ASIA SWOT ANALYSISDate of submission:30TH, NOVEMBER, 2017Table of ContentsI.        EXECUTIVE SUMMARY        21.        INTRODUCTION TO AIR ASIA        32.        HISTORY OF AIR ASIA        33.        PRODUCT AND SERVICE OF AIR ASIA        43.1 SERVICES OF AIR ASIA        43.1        PRODUCT OF AIR ASIA        54.        SWOT ANALYSIS OF AIR ASIA        64.1 INTERNAL ASPECTS        65.        AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF AIR ASIA        96.        VRIO FRAMEWORK OF AIR ASIA        166.1 LOW-COST CARRIER BUSINESS MODEL        166.2 FLAT ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE        166.3 BRAND REPUTATION        167.        CONCLUSION        178.        RECOMMENDATIONS        189.        APPENDIX        1910. REFERENCES        21EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis report is about the SWOT analysis review of Air Asia mainly on its internal environment. Through internet research, we have gathered information about Air Asia and analysed how it has affected Air Asia’s product and service since it started as a business. We have used internet for all the research and the information is gathered from online articles, online journals videos, online annual report of Air Asia etc. The main topics covered are SWOT, 4P’s of the marketing mix, VRIO framework (brand, organizational structure etc.) The reason why we chose this topic is because Air Asia has a very interesting history about how the founder built it over the years. Today, it is the world’s largest low-cost carrier and has accomplished the trust and loyalty of so many customers. What is even more thrilling being how the low cost is maintained despite its many obstacles such as the rising economy and the way Tony Fernandez has managed to navigate the company through its ups and downs. Not only that, we really adore him on how he cares for his employees and want them to be happy as they work.

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