Airbus Innovation in Eco Efficiency

Published: 2021-09-15 02:25:12
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In the world today, aviation is the fastest and safest way to travel around the world. Because of this, the aviation industry is striving hard to make air travel eco-efficient. Leading the way in this endeavor is Airbus. Airbus is committed to a pro active approach in making their manufacturing plants and their airplanes eco efficient. The company continuously makes progress in the reduction of air and noise pollution as well as looking for alternative fuel sources to reduce the use fuel and energy. Designing airplanes that will have less impact on the environment in the future is one of Airbus' goals in their research and development department. This also means that they are targeting to manufacture airplanes that have less CO2 emissions. Airbus is also involved in improving the air traffic management systems and the overall operations of the aviation business.

Eco Efficiency Life Cycle Approach
Airbus is conscious of the importance of equilibrium in nature that's why they are very careful in trying to keep it that way. Airbus is fully committed in making as little impact on nature as possible. New technology is being researched to be able to make sustainable products at the same giving more value to the company and service to the people. Airbus uses eco efficient solutions at every stage of the life cycle of their aircraft from design up to retirement. Airbus is the only aeronautical company that has received the ISO 14001 environmental certification for all their 16 production sites as well as their airlines products all throughout their life cycle. This is a first in the aviation business and Airbus is doing their best to take into consideration the impact in the environment in their entire decision making. Some of the innovations that Airbus has pioneered in is using greener fuel, chemical-free milling process for the production of the fuselage panels, more environmentally friendly painting process and steps to minimize energy and water consumption during the production process.
Airbus' research and technology main thrust is to investigate, test and validate and optimize the most advance technologies, design features, configurations and architectures. This would lead them to make more eco efficient airplanes. Airbus is launching the Dassault Systemes' product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions to help support its 3D design process for a new eco-efficient aircraft. The Dassault Systemes' will be used to design the new A350 which is focused on designing a family of new generation aircraft that is more suited to the changing market in terms of comfort, size and the impact on the environment. The new planes are being designed for improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and lower noise levels during departure, cruise and arrival.

Airbus will play a leading role in the Joint Technology Initiative "Clean Sky". The purpose of Clean Sky is to demonstrate and validate new technologies in large scale and realistic flight demonstrations. "Clean Sky" is an industry driven technological research program which aims to reduce fuel consumption, noise and emissions for future aircrafts.

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