Aircraft Flight Data Recorder Systems

Published: 2021-09-12 16:15:08
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This report on aircraft flight data recorder Systems is an overview of the facts discovered about these systems. Its application in the investigation of air accidents by flight accident investigators is also considered. The investigations done by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau's (ATSB's) that revolve around the Qantas (QAN) 747-438 (Flight QF30), are used as the case study when these facts are being looked into.
A digital flight data recorder which is a type of a flight data recorder or an accident data recorder is used to record the parameters of performance in the aircraft (Campbell 2007). The major aim of this report is to report on the facts discovered about the aircraft flight data recorder systems. A keen interest is on the way they give assistance to the flight accident investigators. A particular consideration is given to the investigations done by the Australian
Transport Safety Bureau's (ATSB's) that revolve around the Qantas (QAN) 747-438 (Flight QF30) which got a depressurization when it was flying from Hong Kong heading for Melbourne. The aircraft had made an emergence diversion Manila which is found in Philippines before it crashed (Boyne 1997).
Purpose of flight data recorder
As seen earlier, the main purpose of a flight data recorder is to record information that is used to provide some evidence during investigations in case of any occurrence of an accident (Little 1997). The cockpit voice recorder is used along with the digital flight data recorder in the capturing of communication with the air traffic control and other noises in the cockpit. Airspeed, aircraft heading, vertical acceleration, altitude and time are other parameters recorded (Beaudouin & Beaudouin 2005).
Aircraft flight data recorder and Aviation safety
Data collected is also used to analyze the air safety, degradation of materials and the performance of the engine. In case of an accident, a team of investigators researches on the causes of the accident alongside a rescue team whose aim is saving any survivors of the accident (Dalton 1999). They search for the black box which are normally engineered carefully and properly constructed to withstand the resultant forces of the impact of very high speed and the high heat when the plane sets on fire. The black box is coated by a red paint that is very bright and resistant to heat for quick location in the wreckage. It is placed at the tail section of the aircraft to increase its survival chances of a severe crash (Campbell 2007).

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