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Published: 2021-09-15 00:20:10
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Lydara Turner
Prof. Becky Bivens
HUM 208 RT
May 07, 2012


Some of you would be movie buff's may recognize the title of my speech today as also the title of a recent motion picture. If you did you would be absolutely correct, in fact I was so influenced by the film's title that I have applied it to many of my experiences both present and past and presumably my near future. I care not to bore you with a stale rendition of platitudes and sage words of scholars and philosophers of old, but I seek to challenge you with your own words. Your words, uttered in the rhythmic slang of a Hip-Hop or R&B beat. Your words twisted melodically through the syncopated rhythms and lyrics of Bachata and Reggaeton. From the distant shores of Eastern Europe, all the way to the vastness of Asian lands you speak. From South America to the Southside of Chicago I have heard your moans and clarity of voice. Each sound separate from the other and collectively as a multicultural, multi-sexual choir, you have taught me.
From you I have learned, patience, acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness. I have learned to love vaginas in a different way. I have learned to understand the significance of the female organ not only from its reproductive and sexual identities but also its cultural and communal importance. I have looked deep inside and found prejudices that I was not aware I possessed. I have weighed my age and experience against your youthful bliss and realized, I have yet much to learn. Some knowledge previously acquired but rarely used, has become rusty and unfamiliar. I have learned to open myself to an opposing point of view, to see it not as an attack but as an invitation to discussion and dialogue. I have seen myself in you, full of exuberance and carelessness, living for each moment. I remembered things once forgotten, and have channeled my energies to again harness the idea of invincibility. Believing and acting as if anything is possible and that I have nothing but time. For without such a belief our dreams have limits and our goals are only for the short term and our hope vanishing like a shooting star.
I believe that our futures are as bright and intense as the recently reported Solar Flares; which brilliantly exploded from within the Suns core, having an unknown affect on every cell on earth. By our words we influence and act on everyone and thing with in the sound of our voice. To what end are we infecting and affecting one another, what cataclysmic change do we incite? I question you, are your words your defense & your strength only found in your brawn? Do we speak edification or damnation to those who hear us? If the negative be true, let our words be few and seasoned with grace, let them be tools of inspiration not condemnations;

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