Anger Management Case

Published: 2021-09-12 07:30:10
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The movie that I have chosen is Anger Management. The story revolves around a man named Dave who has to undergo anger management therapy for things which occurs to him accidently without any intention on his part. Actually all the event that happens to him was planned by his girlfriend to help him overcome his anger. He never realizes that he had such problem as he was always submissive and suppresses his anger .This submissive nature was taking toll on his life. He was not able to stand for his rights or say anything to people, especially at workplace his boss takes credit for everything he does. His girlfriend wanted to help him so after reading a book on anger management by Dr. Rydell. She decided to get help for her boyfriend and approaches Dr. Rydell, together they planned on a number of events to help him .The incidents were planned in such a way that it drags him to the court house where the judge suggests anger management therapy for him. The first incident happens in a plane, he wanted ear- phones to watch movie along with his co-passenger but the airhostess ignores to his frequent requests. So, when the air hostess was passing-by, he slightly shakes airhostess hands to alert her but the air hostess accuses him of assaulting her and he was taken to the court and recommended to undergo anger management class. The therapist recommended was none other than the man who seated next to him in the plane, Dr. Rydell. Having met him in the plane he went to the therapists requesting him to sign his paper so that he did not have to attend the classes but the therapist asked him to attend some classes to see what can be done. So he attends the therapy session with a large number of people who have come for same help. After the session, the therapist tells him that he needs to come for more sessions because his case was not as simple as thought earlier. The therapists also told him that there are two kinds of people who suffer from anger .One kind explode: these are people who keep on displaying their anger and the other kind which implode: these are people who lid their anger and finally burst someday. But he tells Dave that his kind was different so he needs help. Next day another incident happens in a pub where he accidently hits the cocktail waitress .He appears in the court again, this incident really upsets the judge and recommends him for intensive anger management therapy with Dr. Rydell for 30 days within which he had to recover or else he would have to serve in the prison for a year. This made the Dr. Rydell move in with him, go to work with him, and take on a road trip to Boston .Not only that Dave was made to confront a childhood bully, pick up a pretty girl in a pub and also break up with his loyal girlfriend, Linda. All this incidents helped Dave in realizing his true feelings and he finally got to overcome his anger and he became a young confident man. With the help of his therapist and girlfriend, Dave was able to become a normal

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