Animal Farm Between Movie and Novel

Published: 2021-09-03 05:25:09
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ESL 272
Subject: essay of Animal Farm
The differences between movie and novel.

There are several differences between movie and novel. For example, Mollie, the cat betrayed the animals in the book, but not in the movie. The movie director just keeps main roles such as Boxer, Benjamin, Napoleon, Snowball, trained dogs and Mr. Jones. I think the reason to ignore some details because he wants to let the main idea clear and focused.
Therefore, the major difference between movie and novel is the ending. In the book, there is no life change in the end. Napoleon owns the power and control the animal farm. Animals work hard with minimum food and have life threaten when they cannot perform. However, in the movie, the director made a big different for ending. Animals cooperated together to fight for their futures. They attacked Napoleon during his party time and forced him to left the animal farm. Napoleon's power collapsed.
I think the movie director will make this change because he wants to give people a hope. If things didn't go on the right direction, people will find a way to correct it because everyone has an urge to pursuit of better life. Like the end in the movie, animals overthrow the Napoleon's power. They could have a new and better life.

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