Anti-Federalists Case

Published: 2021-09-12 17:50:10
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Were the anti-federalist fears realized? YES.
The Bill of Rights
* This helped the Central Government keep the peace and the power by giving the Federal Government limitations
* This also helped make sure that the constitution kept it's word and kept the peace and freedom of religion, speech, a free press, a free assembly, and free association.
* The Bill of Rights was a symbol of freedom of the United States

Washington/ Hilton Economic Policies
* Paying Public Debt
* Tariffs and Taxes
* National Bank Controversy
Whiskey Rebellion: the farmers rebelled because they felt controlled by the government when a new tax was introduced saying they had to pay to produce whiskey from their corn. The rebellion made it clear that federal government was ready to fight to suppress the peoples violent resistence to their laws, controlling their paying of the newly enforced tax.
Jay's Treaty: the anti-federalists saw this treaty to be connecting the U.S. with Great Britain once again, which made them very unhappy. They considered Great Britain as the center of aristocracy and the chief threat to the United State's republican values. The anit-federalists denounced hailton and jay as monarchists who betrayed American values. They organized protests against this treaty and tried convince the public to side with them by saying things such as, "Damn John Jay, Damn everyone that won't damn John Jay! Damn everyone that won't put lights in his window and sit up all night and damning John Jay!" the federalists fought back and rejected all their proposals.

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