Ashley Treatment

Published: 2021-09-14 22:05:10
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The case that was argued over the Ashley treatment is a really controversial issue. Parents tend to do what is best for their kids, regardless of costs or sacrifices that have to be made. The choices that these parents made rise above and beyond any ordinary choices any parents regularly make. Parents send their kids to ridiculous expensive schools in hopes of creating a child genius, send them to dancing groups to create athletic abilities, it is a thing that parents do, they support their kids, and make them happy and comfortable. I think parents feel obligated to give their children everything to make them happy, and in this case the parents had to make a hard choice but it was for the comfort and well-being of the child. These parents took enormous steps to alter their child's life, but the circumstances are very unique.
The child in this particular case would never cognitively develop past the age of 18 months, which would leave her with a lot of disabling problems as she grew older. Ashley's parents decided to completely stunt her growth, remove her breast buds, and uterus. If they did that to her was just to take precautions and to be able to care for her as they got older. The situation I think is understandable, I think that all parents would do everything in their power to create a more comfortable life that they could be a part of. I think that what they were feeling was that at some point in life, they were going to grow old, and no longer be able to care for her and they would be forced to institutionalize her. Putting her through all those extensive treatments was to be able to care for her for longer than they would have been able to if they had not chosen to.

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