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Published: 2021-09-15 08:05:10
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This essay compares and contrasts three popular cell phones the Black Berry, Apple iPhone and the Palm Pre to determine the best fit for a business or an organization. First discussed are the similarities and differences between the phones in terms of battery life, size, and features. Second the phones are cross compared for functionality and operating systems. Last the phones are compared and contrasted for pricing and affordability. Finally a decision is reached as to which phone is best suited for a business or an organization.

Best Cell Phone
It can be a tough to make a good cell phone purchase that meets the needs of a business when there are so many choices to choose from in the modern world of technology. The three cell phones being compared and contrasted today are the BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, and the Palm Pre. All three phones will be compared for the battery life, size, and features. Then the cell phones will be cross compared for functionality and their operating systems. Next it is determined which phone is most affordable. Last the decision is made as to which phone would be most suitable for a business or an organization.
The BlackBerry has a battery life of 5 hours talk time and 288 hours of standby, where as the Apple iPhone and the Palm Pre have 5 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby. The battery life is pretty similar amongst the phones. However the Blackberry is a little larger in size than the Apple iPhone and the Palm Pre. This can be less convenient for carrying around and makes the phone less desirable. All three phones have custom graphics and ringtones but only the Palm Pre is hearing aid compatible. Some great features the Apple and Palm Pre have are GPS, multiple languages, cameras, blue tooth, and wifi capability and streaming video. "Apple's iPhone 4 is quickly climbing the ranks to become the number one camera on Flickr," (Horn, 2011) where the BlackBerry seems to be lacking in some major areas.
The BlackBerry operates on a proprietary system as do the Apple iPhone and Palm Pre, but the Palm Pre has a TI OMAP 3430 processor which makes the speed faster. "The software has quite a few interesting innovations that push the concepts of what people can do with smartphones, like Google Android when it debuted--only better." (Chen, 2009) Both the BlackBerry and the Apple iPhone offer 16GB of memory where the Palm Pre offers only 7GB of memory. The best performance phone appears to be the Palm Pre, because it offers the most in variety of functions. The next best in performance would be the Apple iPhone.
The average cost of the BlackBerry and Apple iPhone is $50.00 in a plan with a provider. The Palm Pre ranges about $100.00 but can be less depending on where it is bought. In terms of affordability the Apple iPhone seems

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