Big Five Personality Test

Published: 2021-09-11 20:35:10
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Journal 2

Big Five Personality Test:

Answer the following questions by writing it in a brief summary (50 to 100 words).

1. Do you think the test accurately portrayed you? I believe the test did accurately portrayed me. The test itself is remarkably universal. Studies have shown that the five dimensions could be accurately used to describe personality. It is not only universal; it also has a biological origin. I believe that an evolutionary explanation for the five core personality traits, suggest that these personality traits represent the most important qualities that shape our social landscape.

2. Share your results with three people that you trust and/or have a close relationship. How did they respond? Did they feel the personality test accurately described you? Surprisingly, all three were stunned by my results, because each of them felt that I was more of an extrovert, than in introvert. Mainly because they've always seen me as personable. Always getting along with others, in a sense of being outgoing or social. As for the test itself, no they did not feel the personality test accurately described, for obvious reasons.

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