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Published: 2021-09-14 20:40:09
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IT'S A cliche but it's true, every girl has dreamt of being a blushing bride on her wedding day. Unfortunately, more often than not girls tend to go overboard on their wedding; whether it's the make-up or the outfit, sadly turning the dream into a garish nightmare. Loud make-up, flashy jewellery, gaudy ensembles and tasteless accessories often leave the bride resembling a vulgar and ostentatious tent, even more so when both have been colour coordinated to suit the 'theme'. If pristine innocence and beauty is the ultimate goal, then it's better to go au naturel rather than shamelessly done up. Let us not forget the groom is making a lifelong commitment to love and protect YOU, not some random girl at the altar that he can hardly recognise.
It's hard to control the excitement, the jitters and that overwhelming knot in the stomach on your D-day, and by all means enjoy that, if you're lucky it's a once in a lifetime experience. However some things, like the way one looks can be controlled so please exercise that right and take charge.
Don't let make-up artists bully you into looking all caked up, or let newly acquired aunties and distant siblings coerce you into looking like a wannabe princess from some long forgotten fairy tale gone bad. If one could choose role models then make it a mix of many, get the innocence of Princess Diana, the charm of Jacqueline Kennedy, the elegance of Grace Kelly, the simplicity of Aishwarya Rai and the youthfulness of Katie Holmes. These ladies kept their attire and make-up chic and simple, whether they were marrying a prince, a president or a star. It's a fact, on your wedding day you are the celebrity, but try and be yourself rather than look like an aspiring star.

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