Bmk 372 - International Marketing Strategy

Published: 2021-09-03 19:30:11
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BMK 372 - International Marketing Strategy
Ruth's Chris Steak House Case
The first key international marketing issue is beef consumption rate per capita. In the case, it is enumerated that the average for developed countries is 93.5. We thus try to aim at an average of per capita consumption equal or higher than that. The second key marketing issue is to analyse if it is legal to import American beef into that market. Ruth's Chris main attribute s their utilisation of only USDA prime beef. Therefore the market that will be chosen has to have an open regulation towards the import of this kind of meat. Also, another main characteristic of this market is the propensity to which locals go out to dinner. If the rate is too low. there is no real point in developing a restaurant there. Another important marketing aspect that need to be analysed is the urbanization rate of the country. It is in the companies and franchisee's interest to develop into a highly urbanized area of a densely populated country so that they have the possibility of developing several restaurants. Finally. the last criteria that needs to be looked at is the degree to which there is high quantity of disposable income in the urban sections of the country.

The basic problem of Ruth's Chris Steak House is to select the best possible market for an international market development. Of course the criteria developed in the marketing issues as well as some other macro characteristics will determine which country we will select.

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