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Published: 2021-09-11 06:30:10
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1. At what stages in the brick production process is inventory held?
Since 1960, The Triangle Brick Company has believed in old fashion craftsmanship. With technology advances in the brick creating process, Triangle Brick Company is able to have a more productive process with the same great quality. The process begins with the mining of an abundant amount of Triassic Shell, or clay that is found on sight. The ground is ripped up, bulldozed into piles, loaded onto trucks, and hauled to the plant. Once they arrive at the plant, the clay is dumped into the primary crasher. Since the clay is so hard, dry and in such large pieces, they crush it into smaller pieces and then transported to the raw materials transfer building where there are enough raw materials to last up to two weeks. This is where the raw materials inventory is taken.

The clay is then put through several stages until it is in brick form. The clay is put through pleated screens and powerful hammer until in a flour consistency. Once in a flour consistency, it is sent to five, 65 ton silos. This is another station where they are able to take inventory of the product. From the silos it is taken to the plant and dispensed in a pug mill where it mixes with water. Air that had been mixed into the fine clay is now extracted through a vacuum. The clay is then forced through a forming device called a dye, where it forms 18 foot long ribbons. It is then textured and trimmed. This process produces 4,300

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